Traditional Archery

Hand-crafted bows and arrows on custom order.  Traditional longbows of the english type and turkish / mongolian composite recurves build by experienced masters and bowyers.

Archery equipment, bows, arrows, quivers and leather accessories for bowhunting, roving, target shooting, 3-D tournaments and for the demanding traditional bowman.

Products, tools and components for arrow building.  – Wooden shafts, points, broadheads, feathers, nocks, adapters, taper tools, feather-cutter, nock-files, sharpeners, glues, paint, varnish, books, etc.,  - for the skillful craftsman.

Training and workshops for traditional archers and bowhunters.  With camp and lodge in the Giant Mountains, Czech Republic.  Also offering short weekend workshops and trainings for  1 week.   Tours and hunting trips with small parties to Hungary and to Spain.  Demanding expeditions for bowhunters to Montana, Alaska and Canada, also to East-Africa and to northern Mongolia.





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